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High quality secondary raw materials


In 2016, the HUKE Group handled a total of 30,000 tonnes of various plastics.

Currently, the following substances are processed among others:

  • PET bootles
  • PE, PP films
  • HDPE, PP bottles
  • engineering plastics: ABS, PC, PC/ABS, etc.

These plastics are collected and sorted in the group of companies. After they are recycled.


Since 2008, the HUKE Group has been operating a PET bottle recycling plant with state-of-the-art technology in Sárvár.
Used PET bottles are already pre-sorted delivered. Afterwards, these bottles are crushed in the plant, washed hot and sorted by state-of-the-art technology.
The end product are PET flakes, which are used in the new production of plastic films, fibers and packaging.


In Zalaegerszeg is the only waste glass recycling plant of Hungary. The plant has an annual capacity of 60,000 tons.

Currently, 30,000 tons of input material are processed into 22,000 tons of broken glass.

In the processing plant the following substances can be recycled:

  • Glass bottles
  • Flat Glass
  • Windshields or car glass

The quality of the products confirms the high standard of the treatment process. In the finished material, a maximum of 30 g foreign substances remain on one tonne.

Due to the high quality of the broken glass can be used immediately in the new production. The use of recycled glass in the new production saves valuable raw materials such as quartz sand, soda and valuable energy.


The end product is „End of Waste“ certified. This means that the treated material is no longer sold as waste, but as a product.

Thanks to the further development of the production facilities, high-quality end products are produced. Due to the excellent quality standards, the product can be used in the “Can to Can” process.

By the “Can to Can” process, 100% of the old aluminum cans can be reused for new production.


Wood waste is collected and sorted within the group.
In the previous year, about 3,000 tonnes of waste wood were recycled.

The following fractions are collected:

  • div. Wood waste
  • Furniture
  • Wood packaging


In 2016, the HUKE Group collected and processed 45,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard.

The following fractions are adopted:

  • mixed paper
  • printing waste
  • Carton
  • Tetra Pack
  • files (for destruction)

Waste treatment: Separate, press, recycle as a substitute fuel

In our modern waste sorting plants, various commercial and industrial waste are separated.

Afterwards, most fractions are pressed to increase the load weight. This leads to a minimization of transport costs.


Generation of substitute fuels

From waste that can no longer be recycled, substitute fuels are produced.

In Vasvar, a plant for the production of alternative fuels (RDF / RSF) is operated.

The current capacity is 15,000 tonnes and can be expanded to 80,000 tonnes if needed.

It is particularly important that all contaminants are separated from the material. The delivered materials are mixed in order to achieve a constant calorific value of 22-25 MJ. As a result, energy is gained in power plants and cement plants. The plastics used mainly replaced wood and coal as energy suppliers.

Optimization through waste concepts

For commercial customers, waste disposal concepts are created, which help the customer to optimize the existing waste quantities.

If required, the following services can be offered:

  • Creation of a waste disposal concept
  • Organization of waste collection
  • Press container rental
  • Advice on statutory mandatory waste reporting requirements
  • Implementation of legal notifications
  • Documentation of the processes
  • Data collection
  • Creation of waste statistics

High flexibility in logistics

Inbound and outbound deliveries are coordinated with the modern walking floor trucks.
With the help of the modern and extensive vehicle fleet, all customer requests can be met.

Your waste is valuable

Benefit from our many years of experience in waste collection and recyclable materials recycling.


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