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RDF Production plant in Vasvar

At the new location in Vasvar the first step for a new processing plant was already done. The existing plant was moved from Sárvár to Vasvar.

The extension of the production plant on the full production capacity of 85.000 tons per year is scheduled for spring 2017.

More than 2 years we producing successful RDF heating fraction with a relatively high heating value with more than 25 mega joule for cement plant or rather power station.

Head of office:
Sárvári HUKE Kft., H-9600 Sárvár, Ikervari u. 23

H-9800 Vasvár, 2041/ 1 hrsz

Mr. Bence Németh
Phone: +36 30 650 4155
E-Mail: b.nemeth@sarvarihuke.hu
Vass Rita
Rudolf Wiedner

Production location: