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Sárvári HUKE Hulladékkezelési Kft

Sárvári HUKE Kft.
is a member of


Year of foundation: 2002 Employees: 72

  • complex dealing from industry and household waste
  • plastic as a basic material
  • production from washed flakes
  • waste collection, transport, processing and using
  • plastic processing: grind and pelletizing
  • packaging waste: dealing and sorting
  • operating selective collection points
  • document destruction
  • environment consulting
  • waste management

PET plant modification in the summer of 2016

In the middle of August the PET recycling plant was modificated, to increasing the production capacity, with the same quality and achieving at the same time a reduction of energy costs.

After the first production month we are able to announce very positive results. The increasing of capacity was even higher as bevor calculated.

Through the installation of a second mill with a dosing hopper with discharge screw we reach an increase of capacity of 50 – 60 %.

Head office:
9600 Sárvár, Ikervári u. 23.

9600 Sárvár, Ikervár u. 23.
TEL.: +36 30 380 8795
E-Mail: info@huke.hu
Rita Vass
Wiedner Rudolf