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ARW Magyarorszag


  • operation of an bottle and flat glass recycling plant

For the collection of glass bottles we put in operation a new collection vehicle with special construction.
Because of the relative high loading weight the collection of glass bottle can be optimized. Through the special construction of the vehicle there is less wear and especially the glass is no longer unnecessarily crushed and this leads to less waste in production.

With SPAR Hungary was made a disposal agreement for taking back of bottles or rather the collection of each SPAR location. For this reason ARW Magyarorszag has bought 200 peaces of collecting container, which was founded by NHI (Hungarian collecting system).

Thereby the collecting amounts in Hungary increases and at the same time our processing plant is better utilized.

Head office:
ARW Magyarorszag, H-9500 Celldömölk, Kidobos u. 21

Production Address:
H-8900 Zalaegerszeg, Post u. 65

Purchasing and sales Manager:
Herr Kozma
E-Mail: 0036/ 30 57 88 504
Rudolf Wiedner

Production loacation: