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PRE Certificate 2016

Agromash Expo am 30.01.2014 in Budapest

Strategic partnership agreement with the Hungarian Government

On Thursday the 07th November, the additional construction of the plant was opened.
By this way the strategic agreement between the Hungarian government and the HUKE group was handed over from Secretary of State Mr. Illés Zoltán to Mr. Rudolf Wiedner

Site visit in Sarvar of Jártas Antal OHÜ supervisory Officer and V.Németh Zsolt Secretary of State for rural Development.

Rudolf Wiedner received on 15th March 2013 the high award of county VAS for economic development.

Government leaders at Sarvari Huke

The Fidesz - KDNP had a group meeting in Sarvar.
On this occasion a few political leaders visited our plant in Sarvar.

Kovács Ferenc: President of Vas County
Soltész Miklós: State Secretary at the Ministry of Social
Dr. Nagy Andor: President of the Development Committee in Parliament
Fejér Andor: Vice President of the Development Committee in Parliament
Farkas Zoltán: President of Békés County

They could convince themselves, that in the new Waste ManagementLaw contained points, have for years been implemented by Huke.

Factory tour from Mr. Dr. Gulyás Gergely (Member of Parlament) in Sárvár.

Visit of the Secretary of State Mr. Németh Zsolt

Earth Day on 20th April 2012 in Sárvár.