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Welcome of the HUKE Group!

Here is a brief insight into our field of activity:
The HUKE Group is an international operating company group with the headquarters in Hungary.
Our locations are spread all over Hungary and so we can ensure a competent and comprehensive waste management. We also run some collecting points in Hungary.

What is a collecting point?

A collecting point is a central point for the population, which can bring various waste and hazardous waste / hazardous waste. By this means we can stabilize the cost of waste disposal because the waste will be carefully separated.
For information on these facilities, see collecting points.
Because of the large number of our locations, we are able to recycle a wide range of waste.
We are especially proud of our advanced technologies of the recycling facilities for glass and PET.
For biological waste, we run our own composting facility.

We gather in our group almost all types of waste, such as: bottle glass, flat glass, various plastics, paper, aluminum, iron, inert waste, hazardous waste, biological waste household waste, bulky waste.

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